Why Joe Judge Won't Publicly Criticize Giants Players

Jackson Thompson

Giants head coach Joe Judge has not been averse to digging into his players about what they need to do better. 

Judge's tough love philosophy was on full display during training camp, as he and his assistants were frequently seen loudly getting on players over mistakes and a lack of intensity on several occasions.

But don't expect the Giants head coach to go on the record with any sharp criticisms of his players or staff.

"It's my job to support the players. I think it's our job internally to make corrections and adjustments that are necessary," Judge said during Tuesday's conference call. 

"Internally we'll address things always, we're going to be very blunt and honest, we're very transparent in this organization and we'll always be very direct with what we have to do to correct it."

Judge's approach comes as little surprise; this is a man who, so far in his first season, has shown compassion for his players while at the same time demanding the best from them.

Judge also realizes that everyone is different. Some players will respond to the tough love approach while others might be sensitive and need a gentler hand.

"Sometimes a team needs some encouraging, sometimes they need a come-to-Jesus meeting. So whatever each week calls for that's what we're going to go ahead and have," he said. 

There was no lack of opportunity Tuesday for Judge to speak his mind about some of the struggles the players experienced Monday night. But Judge deferred. 

Instead, he said this week would be devoted to correcting the issues that popped up in the game.

"[This week] will be heavy teaching," Judge said. "Our guys competed their butts off last night, they played hard. What they need is just for us to make sure we eliminate some of the mistakes, and we understand that going forward, the formula for us to be able to win games. 

"Players don't go out there and intentionally make mistakes. They don't go out there and intentionally screw up, so whatever tone is required to get the message across, we better be teaching them so when they leave the meeting, it's clear in how they have to improve and what they have to correct going forward."

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Patricia Traina
Patricia Traina


While I agree, I suspect they'll see if the same thing works this week. We might see a few changes, but I'm not expecting many.



I applaud his approach. What I do hope to see, however, is smart changes where change is required. For example, I will praise coach Judge and the offensive co-ordinator if we see Engram, from now on, only in the game at either the wideout or slot positions. I will jump up and down if he moves Gates back to guard ...or tackle...where he can maul people, and inserts Pulley at center, until ( hopefully ) LeMieux develops. I will give ovations if they start using Penny more as a regular fullback. It will help protect Jones, open some space for Saquon, and give the defense someone else to think about. Maybe they'll " stand pat" for one more week, but if the problems recur....we need to see some moves.