How Many Games can the 49ers Survive With Josh Dobbs?

Josh Dobbs gives the 49ers an excellent contingency in case Brock Purdy has to ever miss time, but to what extent can they survive with Dobbs?
Dec 10, 2023; Paradise, Nevada, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs (15) throws the ball
Dec 10, 2023; Paradise, Nevada, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs (15) throws the ball / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Signing Josh Dobbs to be the backup for Brock Purdy was an excellent move by the San Francisco 49ers.

It's not everyday that a team can bring in a fairly capable player Dobbs to be the backup. He may not be an 18 game starter for a team, but in his showings with the Arizona Cardinals and Minnesota Vikings last season as one, he proved that he is a quarterback that can keep an offense afloat.

In a case where Purdy does have to miss games, how many games can the 49ers survive with Dobbs?

I think the 49ers can get by half a season with Dobbs before it really becomes extremely difficult. If Purdy were to miss roughly eight games for an injury, then the 49ers will still manage to move forward and make a playoff push. Now, if Dobbs has to go out there and win a playoff game for the 49ers, then that becomes a tough one to sell.

Dobbs is definitely not going to win multiple playoff games with the 49ers, so if he is the starter going into one the 49ers are done for. The 49ers are especially done if Purdy is out for the season and Dobbs has to be the indefinite starter. Again, they can still survive and even compete.

But should Purdy (knock on wood) suffer a season-ending injury, then the 49ers can chalk up the season. They will obviously still fight and claw for the playoffs and be a fairly tough outing for opponents, but without Purdy the 49ers will not win anything significant.

However, signing Dobbs is great in case Purdy only has to miss some games. Let's say he actually does suffer a concussion that keeps him out of at least two games. The 49ers will be fine with Dobbs with a fair chance to win their two games.

I give Dobbs a maximum of eight games to keep the 49ers afloat before defenses really hone in and expose him.

Jose Sanchez