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Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver DJ Chark has had surgery on his hand recently, according to Head Coach Urban Meyer. The coach revealed the news to local media following the Jags in-stadium scrimmage on Sunday afternoon. According to Meyer, the surgery was to repair a hairline break. 

"He had surgery as a minor break, hairline. They plated it, he should be good for the first game," Meyer said Sunday. 

The Jaguars kick off the season on September 12, on the road against division rivals, the Houston Texans. 

Chark was first absent from practice on Friday, labeled at the time a minor finger injury. He was not in attendance on Saturday either. 

In Chark's absence—as well as Marvin Jones, who was absent Friday and Saturday for personal reasons—younger and fringe receivers were given the opportunity to show out; and they did just that. Collin Johnson was quarterback Trevor Lawrence's favorite target on Saturday. And older guys initially signed as camp bodies, like Laquon Treadwell, have impressed more and more every day. 

The Jaguars have also signed a bevy of receivers in the last few days to add bodies while Chark, Jones and four other receivers (for a variety of reasons) have missed time. 

Chark is expected to be the starter opposite Marvin Jones Jr., and the former Pro-Bowler has spent his offseason answering the challenge extended by Meyer. The coach publicly and privately called out Chark for not playing physical enough in past seasons. In response, Chark has worked on growing his game and using his size to his advantage. 

Prior to Chark's injury, he and Meyer were often seen on the practice field ahead of the team, walking through drills together one-on-one. 

“DJ is great — he wants to [be challenged] I heard someone say how can you challenge him," Meyer posed back on July 28, as training camp began. "But I mean that’s daily and that’s part of a coach’s job. There is zero resistance and that’s something that can make him better and he has worked hard at it. He looks great — his body looks great; his strength has really improved.”