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Week 9 Power Rankings: Did Jaguars Fall After Loss vs. Seahawks?

Where do the Jaguars stand heading into a game against the Bills this weekend?

With the Jacksonville Jaguars coming off the a loss against the Seattle Seahawks, where do they stand compared to the rest of the NFL?

And after a commanding win over the Miami Dolphins last week, where do the Buffalo Bills stand heading into this week's matchup against the Jags?

Here's a look at our weekly NFL power rankings:

32. Detroit Lions (-)

Just when we thought there might have been a breakthrough with this team, they go two steps back in a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. As the lone winless team, the Lions belong here.

31. Houston Texans (-)

Luckily for the Texans, Tyrod Taylor is back and a winnable game comes this weekend against the Miami Dolphins.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (-2)

After two weeks of not losing, things appeared to go right back to square one for the Jags with how bad they struggled in Seattle against the slumping Seahawks.

29. Miami Dolphins (-)

The Dolphins had the Buffalo Bills scratching their heads for the first half, too bad a full football game is two halves.

28. New York Giants (-1)

The Giants nearly pulled off a big road win against the Kansas City Chiefs, but unfortunately, they dropped the ball. (Many times, might I add.)

27. New York Jets (+3)

Mike White pulled off the most surprising start of the 2021 season, and if he has an encore performance up his sleeve tonight for Thursday Night Football, it could help catapult the Jets to their highest place on the power rankings this season.

26. Washington Football Team (-1)

Four straight losses for the WFT into the bye can either sink their season or be the U-turn they need. Despite the 2-6 record, they sit just two games back of a playoff spot.

25. Atlanta Falcons (-2)

The Falcons had a chance this past weekend to go above .500 for the first time since 2017. Unfortunately, they need to wait at least two more weeks to try and accomplish that feat again.

24. Chicago Bears (-2)

The Bears had a chance to pick up a big win at home this weekend, but blew a fourth-quarter lead to get to 3-5 on the season. Time is running out for Justin Fields and Co. and a turnaround is needed fast.

23. Philadelphia Eagles (+3)

The Eagles took care of business against the Lions this weekend, and a win this weekend against the Chargers would be their most impressive win to date.

22. Denver Broncos (+2)

The Broncos snapped a four-game losing streak, and traded franchise cornerstone Von Miller for two draft picks. While it may not bode well for them in the second half of the year, the Broncos made the right call cashing in on a player bound to leave them in free agency.

21. Seattle Seahawks (-)

The Seahawks got back on track after beating the Jags and they head into their bye week with momentum. If they can come out on the other side with some of the same energy, the 'Hawks could get back into the playoff picture.

20. Indianapolis Colts (-3)

The Colts had a golden opportunity to steal a divisional win against the Titans, but came up short. It's the kind of loss that could haunt a team that finds themselves on the outside of the playoffs by a game. Tonight's game against the New York Jets must be a bounce back game for them.

19. Minnesota Vikings (-3)

The Vikings faced another close finish and came out on the losing end against the Dallas Cowboys. The Vikings are one of the most competitive teams in the league, but finishing in the fourth quarter is what matters. A game against the Baltimore Ravens on the road this weekend should give us clarity as to where this team stands.

18. Carolina Panthers (+1)

The Panthers snapped a major losing streak of their own and find themselves holding the seventh and final playoff spot in the NFC. However, a matchup with the New England Patriots this weekend could push them on the outside looking in.

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17. San Francisco 49ers (+1)

The Niners were also among the teams that snapped a long losing streak, this one coming on the road in the fourth quarter against the Chicago Bears. A tougher test comes this week in the team's second meeting with the Arizona Cardinals this season.

16. New England Patriots (+3)

The Patriots picked up a huge road win in Los Angeles against the Chargers this week and are starting to look like a team that means business. A win this weekend on the road against the Carolina Panthers could put the Pats in the Wild Card conversation.

15. Cincinnati Bengals (-6)

The Bengals bungled this week. They are this week's biggest fallers, going from 9 to 15 after a devastating loss to the New York Jets. Maybe the Bengals can win back some brownie points this weekend at home against the Cleveland Browns.

14. Kansas City Chiefs (-)

The Chiefs pulled out an ugly win against the New York Giants Monday night. And perhaps they've dodged a bullet after Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID and will miss this weekend's game against them. Second-year QB Jordan Love will make his first career start.

13. Cleveland Browns (-1)

The Browns were a Top 4 team a month ago, but have fallen nine spots in the last month. The team is talented, but the season will begin to slip away if they cannot win these divisional games.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers (+3)

Grabbing a big divisional win after the bye is just what the Steelers needed last week. This is the best the team has looked since Week 1 and the team has won three consecutive games. They could easily make it four straight on Monday night against the Chicago Bears at home.

11. Los Angeles Chargers (-1)

While the Chargers fell to the New England Patriots, they remain one of the best teams in the AFC. They just need a win against the Eagles this weekend to get back on track.

10. Las Vegas Raiders (+1)

The Raiders have had arguably the most tumultuous season ever in just eight weeks. It's remarkable considering how much they've been through and yet, they can make the argument that they are a Top 10 team in the league right now.

9. New Orleans Saints (+4)

The Saints are tied for the biggest risers this week after a big win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They might have even jumped higher had quarterback Jameis Winston not torn his ACL, but Taysom Hill looks ready to return to the field to save the Saints' season.

8. Baltimore Ravens (-)

The Ravens took Halloween off, but they are still one of the scariest teams in the NFL. If they can bounce back from their Week 7 defeat against the Cincinnati Bengals, then the Ravens are just as good as any team in the AFC.

7. Tennessee Titans (-)

I debated pushing the Titans down a peg or two given the loss of running back Derrick Henry, but the injury won't exactly end his season and the Titans have a three-game lead with a very favorable schedule in the second half. However, that favorable schedule starts next week with a trip to LA to face the Rams on Sunday Night Football this week.

6. Buffalo Bills (-1)

Even though they struggled in the first half against the Miami Dolphins, the Bills are still the best team in the AFC with the highest ceiling. Until they prove me otherwise, the AFC is theirs to lose.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3)

The Bucs took an unfortunate loss to the Saints on Sunday, but knowing Tom Brady, he'll bounce back from this defeat. The Bucs are on a bye this week, giving a chance to clear his head, and he'll pick up where he left off in Week 10.

4. Arizona Cardinals (-3)

It was only a matter of time before the Cardinals looked human. Even though they are human, they're still superhumans. I don't think the Cardinals winning the NFC is a lock, even the NFC West is far from a guarantee, but this team is still one of the best teams in the NFL.

3. Dallas Cowboys (+1)

The Cowboys faced a load of adversity against the Minnesota Vikings this week. But in the unlikeliest of places, the team came through. In his first NFL start, Cooper Rush led a game-winning fourth quarter drive for the win and pushed the Cowboys that much closer to the NFC East crown while sending a stern warning to the rest of the league.

2. Green Bay Packers (+4)

If Aaron Rodgers was healthy, this team would be No. 1, but to go into Arizona with all those injuries and become the only team to beat the Cardinals so far this year makes them a legit contender.

1. Los Angeles Rams (+2)

The Rams are in the top spot because the Packers caught the COVID bug, but they also deserve to be recognized for the Von Miller trade. If they didn't already make it clear after the Matthew Stafford trade, the Rams are playing to win the Super Bowl this year and are going to make it as hard as possible for the other teams to catch them.