Trevor Lawrence Says He's 'Ready' For Any NFL Challenge, Even Being Drafted By the Jets

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Sounds like Trevor Lawrence has embraced the possibility of being drafted by the Jets.

Clemson's quarterback, and the presumptive top pick in next spring's draft, said he's ready to take on any challenge in the NFL, even if it's rebuilding in New York.

"I think I'm ready," Lawrence said during an appearance on the 'Dan Patrick Show' on Wednesday. "I think just being here at Clemson, my journey has taught me a lot. I've grown up a lot the past few years. I'm really just ready to take on whatever challenge it is and just have the opportunity."

Considering New York has been by far the worst team in football this year—three losses away from an 0-16 record and immortal infamy—speculation has arisen that Lawrence may force a trade away from the Jets or stick around at Clemson for another year.

Think of what Eli Manning did to the San Diego Chargers back in 2004, ending up with the New York Giants. Even Jets legend Joe Namath said this fall that he wouldn't be surprised if Lawrence tried to steer clear of New York next spring.

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Addressing the possibility of being drafted by the Jets directly, Lawrence said above all else he's eager for an opportunity to play at the next level. Regardless of what uniform he's wearing, and how much of a challenge it is, Lawrence just wants to win.

"Honestly I know some of the stuff I say sounds cliche but just to have the opportunity to go somewhere, help someone rebuild if that's what it is or whatever and just win. That's something I love doing," Lawrence told Patrick. "I think that's what I'm best at is winning. Regardless of the stats, whatever it is, that's what I love. Just to have that chance, obviously some places it will be more of a challenge than others, but I think I'm up for it."

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Asked if he's definitely leaving Clemson next season, Lawrence smiled. He explained that his focus remains on "being great" with his current team and that while it's "likely" he'll declare for the draft, he doesn't want to "completely shut any door."

While New York is on pace for the No. 1 overall pick next spring, it's not guaranteed just yet. The Jets will face the Los Angeles Rams, Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots to close out the year. With the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-12) still in contention for the top selection, it may take until the final day of the regular season to decide who picks first next April.

Nonetheless, the Jets control their destiny. Lose out for the final three weeks of the season and the top pick is theirs.

If he is destined to join forces with the Jets next year, Lawrence will have to start familiarizing himself with his new team. When asked by Patrick if he's watched any Jets games this year, Lawrence laughed and admitted he hasn't yet.

"I haven't really, honestly," he said. "Only a couple highlights and stuff."

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