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Gary Vaynerchuk continues to build his brand, with one goal in mind. The entrepreneur and social media maven is putting his pennies into the piggy bank with the hope of one day buying his favorite NFL team. 

It is a goal, he says, that he closer to reaching. 

The CEO of VaynerMedia and co-founder of VaynerSports, Vaynerchuk was recently named to the board of directors of Bojangles. Having written multiple New York Times’ best-sellers, the 44-year old Vaynerchuk is a business maven on the rise. 

He spoke to’s ‘John Wall Street’ along the Super Bowl’s ‘Radio Row’ this week where he touched on a number of topics. First and foremost, was his passion for the Jets

And not just being a fan of the Jets, but Vaynerchuk  talked about someday owning them. 

“I’m working on it. The board member of Bojangles and all the other stuff is all foundational to get to that spot,” Vaynerchuk said. 

“This is going to be a foregone conclusion…it is a foregone conclusion. I will be here on ‘Radio Row’ in 27 years and I will be talking of how did I pull off actually buying them after I said for 40 years that I’m going to buy them.” 

A diehard Jets fan who often tweets about the ins and outs of the team, he said that among fans, the idea of him buying the team is, well, taken lightly. The “majority still thinks I’m crazy but…I love that” Vaynerchuk said during his interview. 

It won’t stop him from trying to buy his favorite team from the Johnson family. With each business venture and conquest, Vaynerchuk says he’s getting closer to that goal. 

“I definitely believe that over the last 10 years, I’ve done enough that people are like ‘Wait a minute…’ But the truth is, it is a big, big, big bet. It is a very hard mountain to climb. The likelihood is very low. I just know that I have to focus on what I can control,” Vaynerchuk said. 

“If the Johnsons sell before I can afford it, if they never sell. Those are things I can’t control.”