After Week 13 Loss, Jets Fly Off Course In Latest National Power Rankings

Kristian Dyer

With a loss this past Sunday, the New York Jets three-game winning streak is over. So also is their rise in recent weeks up the power rankings. 

Power rankings truly mean nothing but as an exercise to show progress and growth, they can be useful. As such, the fact that the Jets tumbled down the rankings across the board following a 22-6 loss at the Cincinnati Bengals is indicative of a team that clearly just hasn’t turned the corner yet on their rebuild. 

At 4-8, the playoffs are out of the picture for the Jets and the momentum built from last month is now gone for head coach Adam Gase. The rest of the season is about growth and developing a core to take into 2020. Wins and losses really don’t matter much right now for the Jets. 

That the Jets lost to the winless Bengals also doesn’t help the perception that the team is far from arriving and being a playoff contender. 

A look at where the prominent power rankings have the Jets after Week 13: 

Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback 

This Week: No. 25 

Last Week: No. 23 

Prominent takeaway: In assessing the Jets loss, the MMQB staff notes that it isn’t a surprise given “because, well, that’s the Jet Way.” Ouch. 

This week: No. 29 

Last week: No. 22 

Prominent takeaway: Dan Hanzus summed up his view on the Jets, post-Bengals, writing that “This is all a very poor reflection on Gase, who didn't have his team prepared in a game with playoff ramifications (however faint they might have been).” 

This week: No. 25 

Last week: No. 24 

Prominent takeaway: The offense “was awful against the Bengals.” 

A bit harsh but the offense wasn't good. No turnovers though isn't a bad thing right now.


Last week: No. 19 

This week: No. 21 

Prominent takeaway: Steve Gardner writes that the Jets seem to play to the level of their competition. Interesting take, but the Jets did beat two teams with winning records this year.