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Robert Saleh: Jets Want Braxton Berrios Back Next Season

Jets wide receiver Braxton Berrios is set to become a free agent after this season, but New York would love for him to return.

The Jets want Braxton Berrios back. 

Asked on Wednesday about the wide receiver's future, as he's set to enter free agency this offseason, head coach Robert Saleh confirmed that New York loves having their versatile playmaker in green and white.

"We love Braxton," Saleh told reporters before practice. "I've always sat up here and said as a coaching staff, it's our job to make Joe Douglas' job as hard as possible when it comes to re-signing people. Everyone knows how we feel about Braxton. We want him here." 

That's good news, considering how valuable Berrios has been for this club this year. Making an impact in the return game, the receiving game and the run game, you can make an argument that Berrios has been New York's offensive MVP this season.

After all, he's the only offensive player (that isn't an offensive lineman) that's played in every game during this campaign, one filled to the brink with adversity. Mix that durability and consistency with his playmaking ability—46 catches for 431 receiving yards and four total touchdowns—and New York would be silly to let the speedster walk.

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The only caveat here is that Jets fans need to be patient. Saleh said that an extension with Berrios is something that will be discussed at the end of the season. The Jets still have one more game to play, facing the Bills in Buffalo on Sunday.

Berrios also commented on extension talks on Wednesday, reiterating that he is focused "strictly" on finishing this season before looking ahead. 

That said, he wants to stick around as well. 

"I've said it before, I love the organization here," Berrios told reporters. "The coaching staff, the people in the locker room, the chefs, the trainers through and through. So, obviously, that is on the table. I would love to be here. Again, that's something for January 10th and moving on."

Saleh went on to single out Berrios' intelligence. 

Sometimes when you have a player contributing in so many ways on offense—taking handoffs in the backfield, returning kicks, running routes—it becomes overwhelming. Not for Berrios.

"He's very, very smart. He can play every position," Saleh said. "He's a grinder, he's gotten better every week, he's really grinded in on the offense and knows everybody's detail, everybody's job. Just having him out there, the fact that he can run normal routes along with the gadget stuff along with the jet sweeps, he's definitely someone that opposing defenses have to pay attention to."

Finally, as this club builds around quarterback Zach Wilson, it's crucial that New York surrounds their franchise QB with the right weapons. Berrios might not be a superstar, but the chemistry he and Wilson have established together shows why the Miami product needs to stick around.

"It's all about trust. A quarterback needs to know you're going to be exactly where you're supposed to be when you're supposed to be there," Saleh explained. "He needs to know that when he's breaking the huddle, he's not trying to line you up, the quarterback has a lot on his mind where he doesn't have to worry about you because he knows you're going to be exactly where you're supposed to be both pre-snap and post-snap. That trust factor, the timing, the rhythm, it's so big for a quarterback

"[Braxton's] just been so consistent all season and he's gotten nothing but better."


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