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Is Garrett Wilson the Jets' WR of the Future?

The New York Jets should pick Ohio State wide receiver Garrett Wilson in the first round of the 2022 NFL draft, giving QB Zach Wilson another playmaker.

For better or for worse, the New York Jets are married to quarterback Zach Wilson. With that said, it only makes sense that Jets’ general manager Joe Douglas would do everything he can to put Wilson in position to succeed.

Does that mean the Jets will target Ohio State wide receiver Garrett Wilson in the first round?


With veteran WR, Jamison Crowder scheduled to become a free agent and with big money free agent acquisition WR Corey Davis showing mixed results so far, Wilson could very well end up being the second of the Jets two first-round picks.

The name of the game is having dynamic playmakers and Wilson fits that description. While players are needed on defense, there is nothing more pressing than surrounding Zach Wilson, with the kinds of players who give him the best chance to be successful.

This is all about fit and finding that perfect complimentary wide receiver to Elijah Moore, who has burst onto the scene in his rookie season.

So far in 2021 for Ohio State, Wilson has 70 receptions (targeted 103 times) for 1,058 yards with 12 touchdowns. During the past three seasons, Wilson has maintained between a 14.4 and 16.8 yard-per-catch average during his college career. This shows a steady and consistent ability to get downfield and make plays. This is exactly what the Jets need.

#5 Garrett WIlson 6-foot-0, 188 pounds

40 yard-dash-time: 4.5 (

Games reviewed in 2021: Michigan State, Penn State, Oregon and Purdue (also looked at catches from 2020)

Grade: First round

NFL comparables: Gary Clark and Marvin Harrison

Scouting Report:

Lean and explosive dynamic receiver, who has a fast first step and excellent ability to change direction and adjust to the football. Sets up defensive backs initially and then bursts into route. Good straight-line speed. Shows ability to run complex routes. Able to start and stop a lot and quickly. Crisp at the breakpoints. Excellent whiggle and ability to change direction suddenly and leave defensive backs in the dust. Able to accelerate rapidly after breaking off a route. Good hands. Does not catch everything thrown his way, but catches enough of them. Drops the occasional ball he should have caught. Shows confidence to pluck the ball out of the air with authority. Knows how to set up defensive backs. Able to work his way back to the quarterback. Tough. Willing to go across the middle. Excels at all three route levels. Good YAC (yards after catch) ability. Shows stiff arm and desire to compete. Can get physical with defensive backs after the catch. Shows excellent body control and ability to adjust to the football in mid-air. Great ball skills. Acrobatic. Will go down and catch. Few catches on his knees. Shows good concentration walking the tightrope on the sidelines. Has a knack for sneaking behind a defense for the home run ball. Able to take a hand-off or jet sweep and go. Looks good doing it. Willing to run block some. Big-play capability with a nose for the end zone. Has that look and feel of a big-play superstar.

There are always a lot of wide receivers to choose from, but choosing the right one who fits is important. The reason why Wilson would be a great fit for the Jets with their second first-round pick (in the top 10 range currently), is because of his ability to run after the catch and his ability to adjust to the football in the air.

It is a well known fact Zach Wilson throws his most accurate passes short and it is also known he struggles greatly with his downfield ball placement. His passes tend to be high and low—they tend to be all over the road. A wide receiver like this, would provide the best chance of these types of passes being completed.

Wilson would also be capable of taking one of those short wide receiver screen passes and turning it into a much longer gain.

While there may be more pressing needs, nobody has that kind of time to take years to build this roster—least of all general manager Joe Douglas and head coach Robert Saleh. They need to find the players who can win now and Wilson is one of those players. 


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