The Ultimate Jets Mock Draft: Former Players, Scouts & Fans Pick The NFL Draft's Second Round

Kristian Dyer

After a first round dominated by the offensive line, ‘The Ultimate Jets Mock Draft’ is back to begin Day 2. And with it, the second round is here. 

Miss what is going on? A panel of judges, representing all aspects of this team from former players and a scout to fans and the team’s radio voice, have been asked their picks for the NFL Draft. The first round is already completed. Want to get caught up? Can read their answers here: 

The Ultimate Jets Mock Draft: Former Players, Scouts & Fans Go Seven Rounds 

Each day, a new round will be unveiled. On Monday, the first round was completed. Today is the second round. 

The panel includes: 

‘Fireman Ed’ – The ultimate Jets fan, the man who made famous the team’s iconic chant brings his passion to the war room. He wants to upgrade the offensive line in a major way. 

Daniel Kelly - A former pro scout who spent four years with the Jets. Kelly (on Twitter @danielkellybook) has authored the book Whatever It Takes, the true story of a fan making it into the NFL.  

Junior Aumavae – A former NFL nose tackle who spent the 2013 season with the Jets. He is the owner of Elite Athletic Trend and is also the NFLPA Vice President-Indianapolis Chapter. 

‘DJ Chef’- Celebrity chef Marc Weiss is a regular on the Jets tailgate scene as well as the Food Network. He is the DJ and chef for the Marty Lyons and the Victor Green Foundations  as well as the Jetman Tailgate in lot L2. He also is the host of Jets Army TV.  

Jamal Westerman – Former NFL defensive end played four years with the New York Jets. A standout at Rutgers, he continues to be involved with the program including in a media capacity. 

Bob Wischusen – The voice of the New York Jets on ESPN Radio, Wischusen is also known for his national work covering college basketball and college football. 

Alecko Eskandarian – A lifelong Jets fan, Eskandarian is a former star forward in MLS who also played for the United States national team and the Olympic team. He currently works in the MLS league office. 

Second Round Pick No. 48 –   

‘Fireman Ed’  

Current pick: Matt Hennessy, G/C (Temple)  

Previous pick: Andrew Thomas, OT (Georgia)  

Why this pick: “Got his starting tackle before, now Darnold gets his center for next decade.”  

Daniel Kelly  

Current pick: Jaylon Johnson, CB (Utah)  

Previous pick: Andrew Thomas, OT (Georgia)  

Why this pick: “With the J-E-T-S falling out of love with Trumaine Jackson, this is the guy is a fit. Extremely fast, big time juice, can blitz and cover. Exceptional man cover guy who's hard to run away from. Keep your fingers crossed he drops.” 

Junior Aumavae:  

Current pick: Tee Higgins, WR (Clemson) 

Previous pick: Andrew Thomas, OT (Georgia)    

Why this pick: “New York needs offensive weapons on the outside for their prized quarterback. With a new weapon at wide receiver, this will open up the playbook even more for their offense.”     

‘DJ Chef’ -    

Current pick: Tee Higgins, WR (Clemson) 

Previous pick: A.J. Epensa, DE (Iowa) 

Why this pick: “I like his size and arm length. We need a big receiver that can easily get up over cornerbacks and round out the corps and break out and be that No. 1.” 

Jamal Westerman 

Current pick: Curtis Weaver, DE/OLB (Boise State) 

Previous pick: CeeDee Lamb, WR (Oklahoma) 

Why this pick: “Slippery in getting to the quarterback.” 

Bob Wischusen 

Current pick: Tee Higgins, WR (Clemson 

Previous pick: Andrew Thomas, OT (Georgia) 

Why this pick: “Considering the depth of wide receivers in the draft this might be too early to take one, but many years Higgins would be a first round talent.” 

Alecko Eskandarian 

Current pick: Tee Higgins, WR (Clemson) 

Previous pick: Tristan Wirfs, OT (Iowa) 

Why this pick: “Darnold could use another weapon or two to keep opposing defenses honest. Higgins has size and should be a nice target. At this point, I'm down for any wide receiver that will be enough of a threat to help give Bell more time and space to do his thing.” 

Coming Wednesday, the complete third round!