Bradley McDougald opens up on trade to the New York Jets, versatility and being moved for Jamal Adams

Seth Everett

Bradley McDougald feels wanted. That’s what he told reporters when he got over the shock of being traded for the first time in his career. McDougald is anxious to show his versatility to the New York Jets and their fans.

“It was an honor, for an undrafted kid to get traded for somebody as high valued,” McDougald said on Friday during a conference call with the media. The newest Jets player is referring to All-Pro Jamal Adams who was the centerpiece of a blockbuster trade of a week ago.

Already, McDougald has met with defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and was impressed with his intensity. He believes he has a lot to offer both Williams and the Jets defense.

“I've heard nothing but great things about him from going back to his Saints days to him being here,” McDougald said. “He's excited and one of the things that he says he will do is he forms his defenses around his players. He puts us in the best situation all depending on our skillset and that's exciting that a coach has flexibility within his defense. You just don't have a strict defense that you have to fall in line to play in, he plugs in guys in different places and I can appreciate that as a player."

McDougald shone in Seattle’s post-season last year. He had 15 tackles and a sack in the Seahawks’ two playoff games.

“I would just say my versatility being able to play multiple positions, you're going to make the team because a guy goes down, you can plug him in here, the guy goes down and you can plug in there,” McDougald said. “But I also found one of my biggest strengths is my coverage skills. I like to match up the team's best follow him around and try to be as disruptive as possible”

McDougald was a starter on a Seahawks defense that struggled in 2019. Seattle ranked No. 22 in points allowed and No. 26 in yards allowed. With the Jets, he is replacing a guy in Adams who was the unquestioned best defensive player. That is similar to his emergence in Seattle when he replaced Pro Bowlers Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas.

Last week, the Jets sent Adams and a 2022 fourth round pick to the Seahawks for McDougald, two first round picks (2021, 2022) and a third round pick (2021).

“This isn't me being here to replace Jamal. This is me here as a fresh start just the same way that I couldn't be Kam and I couldn't be Earl, but I still found my way to be successful,” McDougald said. “It's the same way with this. I'm not the same person at Jamal and the only thing I can do is show up every day and be the best Bradley McDougald. Then hopefully that will win my coaches, my players, and the fans over. That's what I’m intending on being while I'm here.”