If you call the general manager of your favorite team to tell him who to take in the NFL Draft, you’re a big fan. No one is a bigger fan of the New York Jets than Larry David.

The story goes that in 2018, David, the creator of the hit sitcom Seinfeld and the star of HBO’s critically acclaimed Curb Your Enthusiasm, cold-called then Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan. The sole purpose of the call was to tell Maccagnan that the Jets should draft quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Oh, and David didn’t ask for Maccagnan’s number, he just got it somehow.

Oh, and the call was unsolicited.

Oh, and it wasn’t the first time he did that either. In 2006, he called Mike Tannenbaum, at the time the Jets general manager, and told him to select Reggie Bush.

Turns out that David’s draft insight is pretty, pretty good.


There are three names already on the franchise’s Mount Rushmore: Joe Namath, Curtis Martin and Darrelle Revis. The fourth name is tough. Namath and Martin were no-brainers and Revis, given his elite level of play with the team, was next man-up. But the fourth name is open to debate.

Players like Wayne Chrebet and Nick Mangold were in contention but ultimately fell short. Then there are fans such as ‘Fireman Ed’ who have made a tremendous impact on the team but didn’t make the fourth face.


David has made intertwining his Jets-fandom into his life’s work a priority. Frequently in episodes of Curb, he is watching Jets games. Sometimes, the Jets play a prominent role, including being the impetus behind the death of his friend Carl in an episode in Season 10.

Frustration and feeling helpless are standards of Curb, part of the appeal of the show. If that doesn’t sum up Jets fandom over the years…Part of the reason why he was a thought here for the fourth name on the Jets’ Mount Rushmore.

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