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Ryan Griffin has put together several strong performances for the New York Jets, quickly developing into a solid blocker and a reliable downfield outlet in the passing game. 

It was a season high six catches for Griffin in Sunday’s 26-18 loss at the Miami Dolphins, netting the Jets tight end 50 receiving yards (his second-highest receiving yardage of the year). A week ago, Griffin had four catches for 66 yards and two touchdowns in a 29-15 loss at the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

Of Griffin’s 19 catches on the year, 14 of those receptions have come in the last four games, underscoring his growing importance in the Jets passing offense. 

Griffin very nearly had a touchdown late in the first half but the original call on the field of a touchdown was overturned on official review. 


The referees spoke with Griffin after the play was overturned to discuss the review, which took several minutes given the fact that the tight end seemed to bobble the ball prior to going out of bounds in the back of the end zone. 

“I think it was a control issue from what they – it was a quick mention of what they said,” Griffin said after the game. 

“They were looking for everything; it went to New York. They were looking at my feet, OPI because kind of a rub route there and I think it was just the jostling of the ball. I still think I had it.” 

Signed as a free agent from the Houston Texans where he spent the first six years of his NFL career, Griffin is on pace to surpass his receiving totals from the last couple of years where he had 24 catches in 2018 and 13 catches in 2017. He had a career-high 50 receptions in 2016. 

His three touchdown catches this year are a career high.