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What Jets Fans Should Expect From Kwon Alexander

This former Jets scout isn't particularly moved by the Jets adding linebacker Kwon Alexander.

As the old saying goes, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”

This has held true for linebacker Kwon Alexander, as he signed a one-year deal recently with the Jets for $1,272,500.

New York is the fourth team Alexander is playing with. He now rejoins Jets’ Head Coach Robert Saleh, who was his defensive coordinator during his time playing with the 49ers.

Any move a team makes has to be done in the spirit of improving the overall team’s talent level.

It is clear watching Alexander on game film, he is not going to move the meter for the Jets.

This former fourth-round pick from LSU in 2015 is another one of these higher profile players with a big injury history. This is why he was still hanging around as a free agent prior to the Jets signing him on July 28.

Last season, Alexander played in 12 games, and logged 47.90% of the snaps. Prior to that however, the last time he played in more than 8 games in a season was back in 2017.

Nonetheless, Alexander signed a four-year, $54 million dollar deal with the 49ers in 2019, but due to all the injuries he has been reduced to a limited role player.

His paycheck has fallen off a cliff, and that alone should tell everyone what the Jets are getting here.

This is a late move made at the start of camp because Saleh is familiar with him.

If Alexander never played for Saleh in San Francisco, there is a strong chance he’s not on the Jets right now.

While the NFL is based on relationships, not all relationships lead to winning.

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Just because Alexander “knows the scheme” isn’t enough.

Alexander gives effort, and his excitement is infectious, but he just no longer has the juice to make enough of a difference.

Grading Kwon Alexander

6-foot-1, 227 pounds

2021 Saints game film reviewed: (10/31) TB, (12/2) DAL and (1/9) ATL

2021 stats: 50 tackles (39 solo), 3.5 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recover and 2 passes defensed

Grade: C- (average, nothing special about the player)

Scouting Report

Athletic hustling pass coverage linebacker who is below average blitzing and defending the run. Inserted in different situations and he is a marginal tackler. Tightness showed up in his movements in the open field. Against the pass showed he can stay with coverages in man into the flats and short mid area. In zone, arrives after the fact. Hustles to provide support. Brought on a number of blitzes, but he showed no pop or explosiveness at the point. Looked soft blitzing. Managed to slip into a gap and end the game vs. TB with a sack. That was a one-off. Showed even when he was clean off the edge lacked the football speed to close in time. Against the run consistently got moved off the ball and bounced out by the big men. Often dominated. Does his best and manages to occasionally make a tackle when he is left clean or at least to end up by the pile due to strong effort level. Showed tendency to over pursue. Questionable instincts at times. Can look out of place. Clearly on the downside of his career and looks awkward at times.

Bottom Line

Signing Alexander is a questionable decision by Jets’ general manager Joe Douglas.

He is not a difference maker, and there is a very strong chance he ends up on injured reserve, given his history.

Alexander has only played one full season in his entire career. 


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