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ESPN Draft Analyst Explains Why Jets Should Pick Kyle Hamilton Fourth Overall

This ESPN NFL draft analyst explains why the New York Jets should select Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton fourth overall in the first round of the 2022 NFL draft.
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On the fence about Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton? Allow this ESPN draft analyst to convince you why the Jets should pick him fourth overall in the 2022 NFL draft. 

Jordan Reid understands that his take is a bit controversial, but allow him to explain...

With Kyle Hamilton, I think he brings a different type of skillset than what Marcus Maye and also Jamal Adams brought to the forefront. You find yourself in trouble when you're reaching for need, especially in the top 10 of the draft. You want to make sure when you're selecting that early that you get players that can help you right away. I think Kyle Hamilton can really bring that to the table. He can play high post, single-high safety. He can come down and play run support in the box. But also, he can cover.

The Jets defense was historically bad last year. Only had seven interceptions, which was the seventh-worst rate in the NFL and then they were the worst defense in the league a year ago. So, why not take a player like a Kyle Hamilton with the No. 4 overall selection? I think it's a situation where they just need to collect and get the best player possible. 

Reid isn't alone. His colleague, Mel Kiper Jr., published his first mock draft of the offseason on Wednesday, predicting that New York would select Hamilton fourth overall.

KIPER'S MOCK DRAFT: Jets Land Top-Ranked Safety, Wide Receiver

Kiper prefaced the pick by calling Hamilton one of the most versatile defenders in college football, a player that can immediately fill the void if Jets safety Marcus Maye departs in free agency. 

Also, with the No. 10 pick also belonging to the Jets, New York can still address another position group (on defense or offense) later in the round. Don't forget about their pair of early second-round selections as well.

Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton intercepts pass against Purdue

Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton intercepts pass

Safety might not be the most impactful position, but for a defense that hit rock bottom in 2021, it's important to build a foundation with players that will contribute right away (as Reid alluded to) and develop over time. 

Plus, this team has plenty of cap space to make some noise in free agency as well. They can add a veteran cornerback and pass rusher separately while still snagging the best available prospects on draft day.


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