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D'Andre Swift Reveals Extremely Lofty Goals for 2022

D'Andre Swift has lofty expectations for the season he will have in 2022.

The Detroit Lions' coaching staff has the belief that running back D'Andre Swift can be among the greats in the history of the NFL. 

Following a joint practice with the Indianapolis Colts Wednesday, Swift revealed extremely lofty goals for the 2022 NFL season

According to team reporter Tim Twentyman, "Lions RB D’Andre Swift said his goal this year is to rush for 1,000 yards and have 1,000 yards receiving. He said with Duce Staley coaching him, he thinks he can reach both marks."

The goal is quite lofty, since only three NFL backs have reached that feat in history. 

Roger Craig, of the 49ers, in 1985, Marshall Faulk, of the Rams, in 1999 and Christian McCaffrey, of the Panthers, in 2019 are the only three instances of such a statistical benchmark being reached. 

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In the latest edition of "Hard Knocks," Staley was seen explaining to the coaching staff what his true opinion of the third-year back is. 

"The boy’s special. And, every day we go out there between those lines, he's gotta believe that. And, I’m gonna try my hardest to get that sh*t out of him -- ain’t no trying, I'm gonna (expletive) get it out of him, because he can be so special," said Staley. "I’ve been around some special ones. He's got it."

In one of the realest moments of the show this season, Staley told Swift during a Lions meeting, "Man, listen, this is real -- You can be the best in this league. You really can. But, you gotta have that dog mentality. You gotta bring that (expletive) out of you."

"You gotta do something, Swift. Because guess what? If you would have stiff-armed him right there, you might've (expletive) scored. You make it too easy for him," Staley emphasized. "They already scared of you when you get out there. Finish it! C'mon, man! Finish it!! Be hungry! Be greedy for every (expletive) yard! Go get it! That's the mentality. Every yard out there is mine. Don't be satisfied with that (expletive), man."