'I'm Damn Good Too': David Montgomery Is Still Grinding

David Montgomery shares insights into his mindset in recent podcast appearance.
Detroit Lions running back David Montgomery
Detroit Lions running back David Montgomery / Eric Seals / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Detroit Lions running back David Montgomery understands the NFL is a production-based business.

In a recent appearance on CFTV, the veteran running back shared insights into his mindset during his collegiate playing days at Iowa State, and what it is like having Jahmyr Gibbs in the same running backs room.

Not having many opportunities after high school instilled in Montgomery a strong desire to work towards doing whatever it took to reach his potential.

"I didn't really have many opportunities coming out of high school. I only had one full ride scholarship, which was to Iowa State, so I already felt like I had the odds and the card stacked against me," said Montgomery. "And I promised myself when I got out of high school, like I knew what I was capable of, and every opportunity that I had to be the best version of myself, I would take and I would create opportunities for myself. So, if I had to do anything to try to improve who I was and how I performed, I was willing to sacrifice anything at any cost to be able to reach my full potential."

Naturally, when a player is drafted in the first round, the expectations are that Gibbs would eventually become the primary running back in Detroit.

For the former Bears running back, having competition is an added benefit in his quest to become the best player he can be, in order to be able to stay in the league and provide for his family.

"People in the outside world, they want to do comparison. Like he should be this and I should be that. But no actually, I don't think it works as well if we don't have each other, said Montgomery. "Understanding that like a lot of times competition brings the best out of you. I look at Jahmyr like he is an electric player and he is going to be a good player, a great player for a long time. But it's like you said, I know I'm damn good too."

Montgomery continued, "I'm going into year six. It ain't like I'm just going to take it back. Nah, if anything, I'm going to push myself so that I can push him (Gibbs) to be closer to what he is capable of being. And him being exactly who he needs to be for himself and his capabilities to be at his expectations, that's enough to push me to say like, 'I gotta go harder.' I can't just fold."

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