GM Bob Quinn Will Begin Evaluation of 2019 Season Next Week

John Maakaron

Lions general manager Bob Quinn appeared on the "Late Hits" SiriusXM NFL Radio show Monday evening. 

His 12-minute appearance covered a wide array of topics, including what he and the Lions coaching staff are looking to achieve this week at the Senior Bowl and what went wrong during the 2019 season. 

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Here are the highlights of his guest spot: 

What are the benefits of the Lions' coaching staff working with the North squad during the Senior Bowl?

Quinn indicated it's a tremendous opportunity to work with the players this week. Being able to begin teaching some of the prospects concepts and review the tape during the week is very valuable. 

What is Quinn's evaluation regarding what happened during the 2019 season?

Quinn expressed again that the team did not win enough games. 

He reiterated the team started the season off well, but then struggled with injuries. 

He is hoping that the 30-percent roster turnover improves the team next season and that the players being brought in are better than those exiting. 

What is Quinn hoping for from Cory Undlin and Brayden Coombs?

Quinn expressed that both are young, good leaders with good schemes. 

Undlin was with him and Lions head coach Matt Patricia in New England back in 2004, and the Lions are excited to have him. 

The organization has had its eye on Coombs for several years, and were impressed by his coaching accomplishments in Cincinnati.  

What areas are Quinn hoping to bolster during this offseason?

Quinn indicated that the evaluation process has just started. 

The coaching staff took some time off following the end of the 2019 season, and since have been preparing for its week in Alabama at the Senior Bowl.

He indicated that the evaluation process will begin next Monday and the needs list will then be created. 

The emotions are still high from the past season, and he finds it better for himself and the organization to collect their emotions before moving on from the season.

Detroit's needs list and free-agency wants will be established in early February.  

What are Quinn's thoughts on the speculation the team should look at a quarterback with a high draft pick?

Lions franchise passer Matthew Stafford is nearing full health, according to Quinn. 

Also, Quinn expressed he is "totally comfortable and happy that Matthew Stafford is our quarterback." 

He further indicated that it was "cool to see him in coach mode" down the stretch of the '19 campaign, and added, "He is going to come back strong."


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Well he better get it together this year. If we can get a DE and CB in draft and in free agency.. that will kick off a new beginning