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Jared Goff's Fiancee Reveals Scary Interactions with NFL Fans

Christen Harper reveals she receives hostile messages when the Detroit Lions lose football games.

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff recently proposed to his girlfriend Christen Harper. 

Since being traded to Detroit last offseason, the couple splits time in both Michigan and California. 

Unfortunately, not all aspects of being in a romantic relationship with an NFL quarterback are rosy

During a recent podcast interview with Rachel DeMita of ESPN, Harper revealed she's been dealing with abusive messages on social media, after the Lions lose football games. 

"I get the most death threats after a loss, my DMs just blow up with, like, crazy stuff," she revealed on the "Courtside Club" podcast. 

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"People can be crazy, people can be mean, and I think what I've learned is to just not listen. At the end of the day, it's a game, and of course, it's important; for us, it's our life, and it's his life. But, all those other people there, they're just there for entertainment," she explained to DeMita. "And, they're gonna say things, and they're drunk, and they're whatever. So, what I've learned is to kind of block out that noise and try to enjoy the moment, because it only lasts for so long."

Harper expressed that at times it feels that she "can't win," no matter how she would have handled being out of town for the Lions' first victory of the 2021 season. 

Harper also has been growing her own career as a model over the past few years. When the Lions were playing the Minnesota Vikings, Harper was on location for a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit feature. 

She recalled, "There's this video of me that went viral, the Lions had their first win, and that comment section -- the whole thing was like, 'If she really was a fan, she would have been at the game.' And, it's like dude, I can't win. Because if I was at the game, they'd be saying, like, 'You're a gold digger, all you're doing is following your boyfriend around.' So, you really can't win.

"If you're at the game, you're too invested, that's your whole life. If you're not there, you're not supportive. So, as women, it's like impossible to win, because they're always going to say something you're doing is wrong. It's crazy."