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'He Can Handle a Lot': Lions Believe Sam LaPorta Can Do It All

Lions explain how Sam LaPorta can expedite his development.

The Detroit Lions have very high expectations for the tight ends on the active roster. 

Lions head coach Dan Campbell noted, “I always make this argument: Besides the quarterback, the tight ends have to know more than anybody else offensively."

One of the reasons the front office and coaching staff felt comfortable investing in Sam LaPorta was the belief that he could take on a vast amount of information and apply what he has learned out on the field. 

“You’ve got to know it all. It’s one of the reasons why we drafted LaPorta, because we think he can handle a lot," said Campbell. "We think he’s got versatility. Physically, he can do a little bit of everything. But, also mentally, he’s pretty sharp for a rookie." 

As he works in the Lions' program, the expectation is that he will learn from mistakes and pick up the vast amount of offensive responsibilities quickly. 

"I think the biggest thing is just try to put them in as many positions as possible. That includes in the classroom, showing them film of what can go on," Lions tight ends coach Steve Heiden said, when asked about how the staff could shorten the learning curve for the talented tight end. "And then, to be honest, it's really all about getting out here, getting on the field and feeling the speed of the game and just learning on the field and on the grass. That's the best way to go about it. Throw them out there, feet to the fire and let's go. Let's go learn."