The NFL is a league in which you can be working and training alongside a guy you call your teammate one day, and the next day, you are responding to questions about that same guy being traded. 

On Wednesday, several members of the Lions discussed how they heard the news of Quandre Diggs being traded, what kind of teammate Diggs was and the feelings they had regarding the trade.

Matthew Stafford

Stafford expressed that he had a chance to check in with Diggs on Tuesday, and it was good to talk to him. 

"Tough decisions in this league are made every day," Stafford said. "It’s a tough one. Obviously, he was a really good teammate of mine, a good buddy of mine (and) great player for us." 

In regards to the kind of teammate Diggs was, Stafford replied, "He was a guy in our locker room that a lot of the guys really enjoyed being around. You guys were around him. I mean you guys know ... he was a good guy to be around. Just wish him nothing but the best of luck and hopefully, a ton of success in Seattle.”

Danny Amendola 

The Lions wide receiver expressed, "I love Diggs. That is my boy for life. I know Diggs is a good football player and a good teammate. I am thankful I got to play with him." 

He indicated that there are a lot of "business aspects" that go into the NFL and it is best to only worry about what one can control. 

Will Harris

The rookie safety was complimentary of his former teammate, and expressed appreciation for the help he has received as a first-year pro.

Harris said, "If I ever had a question or if I ever needed extra time in the film room, I would always go to him (Diggs), Tavon (Wilson), Tracy (Walker), (Rashaan) Melvin, (Darius) Slay, who are always willing to help, especially (with) this being my rookie year."

How did Harris find out about the Diggs trade? 

"Things get spread out on social media rather quickly these days," Harris explained. "We do have a defensive back group chat. We just reached out to him, and wished him the best of luck in his next destination." 

Tavon Wilson

Similar to Amendola, Wilson has had experience with teammates being traded. 

Wilson was a member of the Patriots from 2012-2015.

On Wednesday, Wilson shared with the media the first time he realized that the NFL was a business. 

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"It was my second or third year, and we had just traded Logan Mankins to Tampa Bay," Wilson said. "It was really hard for our team at that time. A guy that had been there for 10 years, an All-Pro guy. Everybody loved him. I was like, 'Wow, this thing can go anywhere.'"

Wilson also provided his thoughts regarding the business side of the NFL. 

"It is part of the business," Wilson commented. "Obviously, you wish those guys well. You feel for those guys. You also talk to those guys, see how they are feeling. You just kind of try and move on from it."

Was he as surprised as fans that Diggs was traded? 

"I think in this league, you can't be surprised by anything," Wilson commented. "They are working hard daily to try and make the team better. Trying to do whatever they can to win games. You can't really be surprised by anything that happens." 

Jarrad Davis

Davis expressed that the team discussed the trade on Wednesday during a team meeting. 

"That's the NFL," Davis said regarding the trade. "It can happen to anybody, at any time. We all have to be ready. We never know if things are not going right. Then, it is what it is. The coaches and upstairs are going to make the best decision for the team."

Ty Johnson 

The rookie running back expressed that he developed a mini rivalry with Diggs. 

"Me and him would always play with each other because he is on defense and I am on offense," Johnson said. "He would always say he would 'stick' me. I would be like, 'Man, I am going to put you in the dirt.' It was just me and him going back and forth. I hope he has a lot of success there." 

Tracy Walker

Walker found out from one of his closest friends that Diggs had been traded. 

"I got a call from one of my closest friends," Walker said. "It's tough. His career is not over. He is in a new place, and I still wish him the best on his career." 

Walker also commented on how he attempts to ignore the business side of the league. 

"You are going to build relationships with people throughout the NFL," Walker commented. "(But) just because they go to a different team, it does not mean you still can't be friends with them. Does not mean you cannot hang with them in the offseason. That's the business aspect of it, and you cannot have your feelings connected to it. I wish him the best. But at the end of the day, I have to focus on what the Detroit Lions have going on right now."

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