Lions Announce Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn to Return Next Season

Head coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn will return next season, the Lions announced on Tuesday.

With speculation increasing surrounding the job status of general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia, the Lions announced on Tuesday that both will return next season.  

Owner Martha Ford, vice chair Sheila Ford Hamp and team president Rod Wood met with a group of beat writers, and explained the decision-making process and what the expectations were for Quinn and Patricia moving forward.

Leadership expressed that staying the course was the best decision at this time, but the expectation will be for playoff contention next season. 

In addition, leadership expressed that injuries -- quarterback Matthew Stafford's in particular -- played a factor in the decision.

Also, leadership has informed Quinn and Patricia that they are requiring staffing changes for next season. No specifics have been determined regarding which coaches will remain and which will be let go.


Both Quinn and Patricia have contracts with the Lions that expire in 2022. 


Rumors circulated earlier this week that the Ford family had discussions about selling the team. 

Wood responded to those rumors after being asked by Detroit media Tuesday. 

“We’ve been approached about interest in buying the team," the team president said, "but there’s been no serious discussions, and the Ford family plans to own the team and there’s plans in place.”