Opinion: Matthew Stafford Should Be Shut Down for the 2019 Season

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John Maakaron

On Sunday, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported:

"Doctors recently told Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford that the fractured bones in his back are a six-week injury, league sources told ESPN.

This doesn't mean Stafford will be sidelined six games, but it does provide a glimpse into the severity of the injury that he has played through before the Lions' doctors denied him from playing last week against the Chicago Bears and Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys, according to a source."

Now, this does not mean that Stafford will indeed miss six weeks.

But given the potential severity of his injury, the risk significantly outweighs the reward of playing him again in 2019. 

Today's report likely signals to many that Stafford is dealing with a compression fracture.

If you recall, today's starting Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott secured the starting job from Tony Romo when Romo had a compression fracture. 

Romo's injury was the beginning of the end of his playing career in the NFL. 

Depending on the outcome of Sunday's clash with the Cowboys, the Lions could be all but eliminated from playoff contention. 

It would behoove the Lions to take a longer-term view of this injury situation. 

Could Detroit general manager Bob Quinn and head man Matt Patricia actually start Stafford in an attempt to secure two-to-three additional victories?

Last season, Stafford played in meaningless games late in the season. 

It was revealed in a podcast by DetroitLions.com reporter Mike O'Hara that Stafford played with broken bones in his back. 

Stafford means so much to this franchise that it is pointless for him to return to action in 2019. 

He should be allowed to rest and heal completely the remainder of the 2019 season. 

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The Risk of playing Stafford again this season is too great. Should something happen to further that injury you are looking at losing him next year. The @lions have zero to play for. Shut him Down!!