Early on Friday morning while traveling to Atlanta, Kelly Stafford took to Instagram and answered questions from her followers regarding a wide range of topics. 

She was candid and replied to questions ranging from family plans, how she fell in love with Matthew Stafford and even a direct question regarding whether Stafford would ever leave the Lions or demand a trade just to win a Super Bowl ring elsewhere. 

Her reply will impress many fans and calms down any concerns that Stafford may become disgruntled and demand a trade to a contender. 

Kelly Stafford replied, "He wants a championship for this city..this is our home too. They'll have to ship him out if they don't want him. He isn't going anywhere by choice."

There has been a growing trend of NFL players acting out or verbalizing their desires online in order to be moved from unfavorable situations. 

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report and former Detroit Lion wide receiver Golden Tate have echoed sentiments that the Lions organization has failed Stafford in his time with the team. 

Freeman writes, "He has become another cautionary tale of what happens when a franchise drafts a solid passer but fails to put talent, solid coaching and a knowledgeable front office around him."

Tate was adamant in his assertion that if Stafford was playing for another organization, he would have multiple championship rings. 

If Stafford is to ever achieve the ultimate success in the NFL, it will be with the Detroit Lions. 

As long as the front office decides to keep him. 

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