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Predictions: Bills-Lions

The All Lions staff provides its predictions for the Detroit Lions' Thanksgiving Day contest with the Buffalo Bills.
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Christian Booher 

Detroit’s key to victory Thursday, against the Bills, is to control the time of possession battle. Buffalo’s offense is explosive, and with Detroit’s secondary struggles, the defense is vulnerable. 

Jared Goff has a chance to prove his legitimacy as the team's starting quarterback, with a win. For Detroit to win, he must be turnover-free, accurate and composed. 

His stock has been trending up as the Lions have entered a roll. Detroit can run the ball with anybody, and its quarterback has made enough plays to win three straight games. 

Fortunately for Detroit, I think Goff can get it done. He may not be the quarterback of the future, but he has enough arm talent to make key throws. As long as he avoids throwing an interception, Detroit can and will win Thursday in an upset. 

Lions 31, Bills 28

Vito Chirco 

The Lions, with a win on Thanksgiving against the Bills, have a chance to really excite their fanbase.

A victory over a team like Buffalo, one of the preseason favorites to win the Super Bowl, would take the level of belief in Dan Campbell's squad to a never-before-seen level. 

If Detroit is going to pull off the upset Thursday at Ford Field, it is going to have to force Josh Allen and the Bills to turn over the football. It's something the Lions have done a solid job of over the course of their win streak.  

I strongly believe the Lions will get the Bills, which have recorded 18 turnovers on the season (the third most in the NFL), to turn over the ball at least once in the Week 12 matchup.  

However, without the presence of Jeff Okudah in the secondary for the game, I think Allen is going to have a field day throwing the ball around, and his top target, Stefon Diggs, is going to feast on Detroit's inexperienced defensive backs.

The Lions make it competitive, but their three-game win streak comes to an end in this Thanksgiving matchup. 

Bills 33, Lions 24 

Camren Clouthier 

Undefeated are the Lions in their last three contests, securing convincing victories over the Packers, Bears and Giants, respectively.

This has certainly been an exciting stretch for a team that struggled mightily earlier in the season. But, perhaps the Lions are finally turning the corner.

They are doing exactly what they should: playing hard, limiting their mistakes and taking advantage of the poor play of other teams. Make no question about it, the Lions are rolling right now.

I think the run was nice while it lasted, but barring something completely unforeseen, I don't see the Lions beating the Bills on Thanksgiving Day.

With players like Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs and Devin Singletary leading the way, I can even go as far as saying the Bills can possibly win it all this season.

I anticipate that this will be an interesting game, and I do think the Lions will hang around. But, I don't see them getting the job done. The Lions simply don't have enough talent on their roster to compete with Buffalo.

Additionally, the absence of cornerback Jeff Okudah will hurt the Lions majorly this week, and I see Buffalo taking full advantage.

Bills 31, Lions 24

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John Maakaron

The Lions should be able to move the football against the Bills defense. I think the offense needs to be more explosive in order to open up the running game even more. Jamaal Williams should be in line for a nice Thanksgiving, as he has become the focal point of the offense. For personal reasons, I am hoping Detroit throws caution to the wind and throws the football deep all afternoon. In the end, the Lions are dealing with too many injuries, as Jeff Okudah, Evan Brown and Jonah Jackson have been ruled out. It will be a competitive game, but the Bills will leave Ford Field with the victory.

Bills 27, Lions 23