Matthew Stafford Has 'Unique and Special' Relationship with Matt Ryan

Matthew Stafford shares his thoughts and feelings about his close friend Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons

Matthew Stafford and Matt Ryan became close friends following the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl.

According to ESPN, "Months after the Pro Bowl, Matt and Sarah Ryan were guests at Matthew and Kelly Stafford's wedding. The couples vacationed together and became frequent companions in Georgia."

On Wednesday, Stafford shared in his weekly media session that Ryan is his closest non-teammate friend in the NFL. 

"They've (Matt and Sarah Ryan) been awesome. There are only 32 other guys, 31 other guys that kind of do what I do and what he does. And (there are) not too many of us left over that have done it for as long as we have. So, it's great to have somebody just to talk with during the season and during the offseason.

"He's obviously a great player and a great friend of mine. Our wives get along extremely well. We really all get along great. They've been there for us when we've been through tough times. We try to be there for them when they're going through tough times. It's a unique and special relationship. We cherish that one," Stafford said.

Did you know that Stafford and Clayton Kershaw grew up together? 

By now, everybody does, since it is mentioned so often by sports broadcasters. 

Stafford explained later in his media session that Ryan is not jealous of how frequent the reference is made on national television.

"No, he's the friend (Ryan) that gives me s''t for it coming up again and again. So, he's the best kind of friend when it comes to that," Stafford said jokingly.

How does Stafford view the success of Kershaw and the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Kershaw is currently playing in the World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays, and has been one of the preeminent pitchers in all of Major League Baseball for the last decade. 

Stafford was asked if there was any sort of jealousy, witnessing the success the Dodgers have enjoyed the past few seasons.

"I'm honestly, I'm so happy for him every time he pitches well. I did catch most of the game. It was a little past my bedtime when he got pulled out of there. But, I got to see the first four or five innings. So, I'm always happy for him," Stafford said. "He is an exceptional talent. I definitely am motivated by how successful he is. I mean, the guy's incredible. He's been doing what he's been doing for such a long time. He's been arguably the best in his sport at his position for 10 years."

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