Poll: Do You Want to Attend a Lions Game at Ford Field in 2020?

John Maakaron

As professional sports leagues are planning their returns, one aspect of the sporting experience involves the fans. 

 The Green Bay Packers announced Friday the organization is planning at this time to host fans, but with new policies and safety procedures in place. 

All Packer fans would be required to wear face coverings, and the game experience would be different, according to a statement released by the Packers. 

"Although the organization remains optimistic, there is a possibility that Lambeau Field will be unable to host fans for games this season," a statement read.

No decision has yet to be made by the National Football League in regards to fans being allowed to attend or if games will be played in empty stadiums. 

According to a recent Athletic report, the NFL is considering having fans sign a coronavirus waiver before they would be allowed to attend a game. 

The league wants to ensure fans do not have the right to seek financial damages by suing the league due to the health risks of attending a game. 

No announcement has been made yet by the Lions in regards to their policies for fans attending games at Ford Field. 

If fans are allowed to attend, would you be among those in the stands cheering on the home team, or is it likely you sit this season out and wait for the global pandemic to run its course?

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No. 1-3

I would consider it only if I got free tickets. Otherwise, I am waiting until 2021


I am going to pass as well


At this point, probably not. Not safe enough yet to gather