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Rodgers Responds to Favre Calling Him Perhaps ‘Greatest Player Ever’

“It’s fun to be back in touch with him, to have that friendship and that kinship. I appreciate anything that he says,” Rodgers said.

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Aaron Rodgers flashed a sheepish grin on Wednesday when asked about Brett Favre calling him perhaps “the greatest player ever.”

Favre’s comments came a day after Rodgers became the seventh player in NFL history to throw 400 touchdown passes. Rodgers was the fastest to the milestone, reaching it in his 193rd game. New Orleans’ Drew Brees had been the fastest, doing it in 205 games.

“I love Favrey,” Rodgers said as part of the accompanying video. “He’s such an interesting, unique guy, as well. He shoots from the hip. He kind of says what’s on his mind all the time.”

On Monday’s SiriusXM Blitz with Brett Favre, Favre said: “I think he, aside from the [number of] Super Bowls, he may be the greatest player ever. I say this all the time, Tom Brady is the greatest player ever if we’re measuring from a Super Bowl [perspective]. And, statistic-wise, Tom has put up tremendous statistics and has won six Super Bowls. But Aaron is, believe me, the Packers are good year in and year out because of him. And his statistics certainly speak for themselves. I mean, he's not doing anything to jeopardize the team. I'm just amazed at how prolific he is and takes care of the ball in the process. Just an incredible player [and] makes everyone around him just so much better.”

To Favre’s point: Rodgers’ 88 interceptions are the fewest at the time of touchdown pass No. 400. When Tom Brady threw his 400th touchdown pass in 2015, he had thrown 143 interceptions.

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For reaching the milestone, Rodgers was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week for the franchise-record 18th time on Wednesday.

Favre won 16 of the awards during his NFL career.

“It’s fun to be back in touch with him, to have that friendship and that kinship. I appreciate anything that he says,” Rodgers said.

Favre’s legend was built in part on his NFL-record streak of 297 consecutive starts. Rodgers’ legend has been built in part on his uncanny knack for making big plays while avoiding costly plays. He’s thrown 4.55 touchdowns for every interception. Among quarterbacks with at least 2,000 career passes, Wilson is a distant second with 3.28 touchdowns per interception.

“I always felt like that I could be one of those guys” who could have thrived across eras, Rodgers said. “Favrey, for sure, is a multigenerational type of player with his toughness and the way he played. I was just talking to (former teammate and current minority coaching fellow) Ruvell (Martin) today about some of the lessons that I learned around him over the years. Obviously, I picked up a lot of things. I’m not sure how many guys are still rocking the single chinstrap, as well, and no mouthpiece. I do pride myself on my toughness because I got to see the Ironman in person for three years.”