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Watch: Action From Day 2 of Packers Minicamp

Get a taste of the action from Wednesday at Green Bay Packers minicamp, plus why Amari Rodgers is in much better shape than last year.
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GREEN BAY, Wis. – Green Bay Packers receiver

That’s a big deal, coach Matt LaFleur said.

“They don’t always understand how hard you have to practice, how hard you have to play, on every play,” LaFleur said before Wednesday’s minicamp practice.

That wasn’t a knock on Rodgers or his readiness for his rookie season. College games can last an eternity, with clock stoppages for every first down and up-tempo offenses often meaning teams can run 90 or 100 snaps per game. A starter in college can’t go full-speed for all of those snaps.

“That’s not an option here,” LaFleur said. “If you don’t play your hardest on every play at this level, you’re going to get exposed. He’s in much better shape and he’s able to go much harder for a longer period of time.”

After Tuesday’s practice, Rodgers said he’d lost 6 pounds and eliminated 4 percent of his body fat.

“I feel like the reason why I wasn’t able to play as much is because I wasn’t in shape the way I wanted to (be),” he said. “I wasn’t able to go out there and play fast the way I wanted to because my body type and how much I weighed and how I was moving. I really took that to heart this offseason. I brought a chef in, focused on conditioning every single day doing something so I can get a good sweat in so I keep my body and my weight down.”

In the video, here is a taste of the action from Wednesday. We’ll have more coverage today and throughout the week.

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