Super Bowl LV: Which Side Wins Historic QB Matchup?

Brady is charting in unprecedented territory against one of the greatest quarterbacks to enter the NFL in quite some time. Who wins?
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Super Bowl LV between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs set to take place later today is a game for the ages. 

43-year-old Tom Brady shook off some early-season rust with his new team and ended up dishing out one of the best statistical seasons of his 20-year career. That's in large part due to head coach Bruce Arians, who handed Brady the keys to his potent offense this season. The offense's play, combined with a defense that really took form over the second half of the season, has the Buccaneers playing in their first Super Bowl since 2002. The 2020 season marks the second championship appearance in franchise history for the Buccaneers. 

Tampa Bay's opponent in Super Bowl LV is the Chiefs -- the defending Super Bowl champions. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is continuing to play at an all-time level, and has a head coach in Andy Reid that has brewed up the perfect roster to help Mahomes succeed for years to come. Kansas City is fiery on both sides of the football, which is why they are unsurprisingly the favorite to win the Super Bowl. 

To give you my prediction for the game, I am not going to go over game plans, strategies, etc. Instead, my prediction for this game is solely based on one player: 

Tom Brady. 

Over the past two decades if there is one thing I have learned, it's that you can't bet against Brady. Time and time again he has beat the odds, hoisted the Lombardi Trophy, and proved to everybody why he is one of the greatest football players to ever wear an NFL uniform. That in itself means that it would be silly for me to bet against the six-time Super Bowl champion. 

I have seen it before, and I won't try to talk myself out of it ever again. Brady will win his seventh championship in Super Bowl LV against the Chiefs. 

Now for the score; these are two phenomenally built rosters, with quarterbacks who do not go down without a fight. That means we should see a lot of points score this evening, but it will be well into the fourth quarter before we know for certain who will win the ball game.

A field goal by Ryan Succop to put the Buccaneers up by a touchdown, followed by a failed touchdown attempt by the Chiefs should do the trick. Tampa Bay will beat Kansas City 31-24.  

Make your pick here as to who win will Super Bowl LV: