Gov. Charlie Baker Says Pro Sports Teams Can Begin Practicing on June 6

No official date has been announced yet for when they can begin practicing.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced on Friday that professional sports teams in the state will be allowed to practice with safety precautions beginning on June 6. Governor Baker noted that sports facilities will remain closed to the public, however. 

"We all hope at some point opening practice facilities will help make that happen a little sooner," Baker said. "You know, there's just so many times you can watch the Patriots beat the Falcons or the Celtics beat the Lakers or the Bruins beat the Canucks or the Red Sox beat the Yankees or the Cardinals or the Angels. At some point it's got to be live and for all of us, live sports and especially pro sports would be a great thing to see again because not only will it be a significant milestone for those of us who are fans, but it will also send a big signal that we've continued to do the things that we need to do to contain and control the virus to keep it in check."

This is big news. Massachusetts is one of a handful of states that could have potentially delayed the NFL from scheduling minicamps in the near future. Though MA was one of the hardest hits states from COVID-19, state officials apparently believe they are in a good enough situation to allow teams to begin congregating and working on their craft. 

New England must now await word from the NFL as to when they can bring practices.