Bill Belichick Not Hinting At Patriots Being ‘Sellers’ At Trade Deadline

Will the Patriots be making any trades next week? Bill Belichick certainly won't tell us.
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Although this season was going to be different from the past 20 years, not many people expected the New England Patriots to suffer back-to-back losses against the Denver Broncos and San Fransisco 49ers. 

To be fair, the Patriots have had to deal with the most opt-outs this season, losing key players on both sides of the ball. Injuries and COVID-19 cases have continued to hinder their success. 

Riding a three-game losing streak, there has been some talk about the Patriots making some trades before the deadline on Tuesday, depending on how this weekend's game against the Buffalo Bills plays out. But in his typical fashion, Bill Belichick is not giving anything away about the Patriots being "sellers" at the trade deadline. 

"Yeah, well, I guess I'll just put it nicely and pass on the opportunity to get involved in talk radio," Belichick said sarcastically during Friday's video conference with the media when asked if the Patriots would be sellers depending on how their Week 8 game played out. "That's really a tough one for me to say no to, but I'm just going to say no to talk radio questions. Thank you. Thanks for asking. I appreciate the opportunity to get involved."

There has been some chatter surrounding trade talks of key Patriots players like Stephon Gilmore, the 2019 defensive player of the year. Gilmore hasn't had the best of seasons so far, even after the Patriots offered him a "raise" at the beginning of this season. On top of Gilmore, New England is reportedly listening to trade offers on "almost anyone," which could lead to a fire sale of sorts if they can't get a win over the Bills this weekend. 

So the big question is: What, if any, trades will be made next week? As is typical of the Patriots organization, that information is being kept under wraps until the beginning of next week. However, the outcome of their divisional game on Sunday could hint at how active the six-time Super Bowl champions are ahead of the trade deadline. 

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