Power Rankings: Patriots Climb Into Top 10 After Week 1 Performance

Devon Clements

Last week, the New England Patriots were ranked 15th in Sports Illustrated's preseason power rankings, which listed the six-time Super Bowl champions right behind the Tom Brady-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14). 

Now, the Patriots have not only surpassed the Buccaneers as well as the AFC East rival Buffalo Bills, they have also cracked the top 10. 

New England ranks No. 7 in this week's power rankings, putting them in front of the Bills (8) and just behind the Green Bay Packers (6). 

Here is what the MMQB staff had to say about the Patriots' ranking this week. 

That was a very encouraging debut for Cam Newton in New England. We’ve wondered forever what it would look like when they turned the page on the Tom Brady era, and it’s no surprise that coaching staff is capable of building a scheme around their new star’s unique skill set. I can’t get over the fact that the Patriots are fun and I’m enjoying this. How did this happen?

While a 21-11 win over the Miami Dolphins does not make the Patriots automatically Super Bowl bound, their performance in the season opener was nevertheless a very promising showing considering the uncertainties leading up to the game. Cam Newton looked like Cam Newton, which is all we could have hoped for, and New England's defense looked stout despite losing several key pieces to free agency and opt outs this offseason. 

This upcoming Sunday night New England will take on the Seahawks in Seattle, who are currently ranked No. 4 in SI's power rankings. That game will be one of the toughest of the season for the Patriots. If they come out with a win against Seattle, then they could very well overtake the Seahawks' place in the power rankings. But if New England loses, then they will be in jeopardy of being knocked out of the top 10. 

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Sam Minton
Sam Minton

A promising sign for the Patriots but the matchup with the Seahawks will be a challenge.

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Devon Clements
Devon Clements


Absolutely. I do not expect the Patriots to come out with a win, so be ready to see New England outside the top 10 next week in the power rankings.