Matt Light Backs Amendola: 'Hard To Argue' Tom Brady Isn't The Patriot Way

Matt Light reacts to Danny Amendola's comments on the Patriot Way
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The Patriot Way: so often associated with the New England Patriots during the Brady-Belichick era. 

Former Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola shared his thoughts on the term and its strong association with Tom Brady, not Bill Belichick on FS1's First Things First Monday. 

"When you see 'Patriot Way' in the dictionary, its going to have Tom Brady's name next to it," Amendola said. "None of those coaches threw any passes. None of those coaches caught any passes. None of those coaches made any tackles. But Tom Brady is the Patriot Way and that's the reason why Tom Brady is in the Super Bowl right now and the Patriots aren't." 

After a bit of a depressing season following Tom Brady's exit, it's hard to disagree with those comments. 

Although Amendola did admit on Wednesday's episode of The Herd with Colin Cowherd that his feelings toward the Patriots organization are clouded because he had to renegotiate his contract "three years in a row by myself, take pay cuts to help [Belichick] and put rings on his fingers.'"

However, former Patriots left tackle and widely respected Patriot Hall of Famer Matt Light supported Amendola's comments on The Dan Patrick Show. 

"Look, when I was there, my 11 seasons with Bill, it was a roller coaster of emotions. There were days where you didn't want to hear from Bill," Light said. "And by the way, it can get really personal, especially when you mix in contract talks. So is it personal with him at this point right now? Sure seems like it." 

"But I think there's some truth to what he says though," Light continued. "To me, if someone asked me 'who embodies or who is the face of the Patriot Way?' Kind of hard to argue with the point that it's Tom Brady."

Light won three Super Bowls during his tenure with the Patriots and was selected as the 27th player into the Patriots Hall of Fame in 2018. Light is known for his accomplishments on and off the field. He started the Light Foundation in 2001, which is a non-profit organization that "exists to give at-risk kids a better chance at leading healthy lives by using the great outdoors to learn and grow."

Not only is it hard to argue with two former Patriots, but the 2020-21 season speaks for itself. Even more so if Brady wins his seventh Super Bowl ring this weekend.