Report: Lawsuit against Antonio Brown accuses him of sexually assaulting former trainer

Devon Clements

New England Patriots receiver Antonio Brown has been accused of raping his former trainer, Britney Taylor according to a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday, which was first reported by The New York Times' Ben Shpigel. 

According to Schpigel, the lawsuit said that Brown allegedly sexually assaulted Taylor two times during training sessions back in 2017. 

"First, he exposed himself and kissed her without her permission, the lawsuit says," wrote Schpigel. "Later that month, the lawsuit says, while she was watching a television program at his home, Brown started masturbating behind her and ejaculated on her back. Brown bragged about the incident in profane text messages that are copied in the lawsuit.

"Taylor ended her working relationship with Brown, the lawsuit says, but several months later, when he contacted her to apologize, she relented. She was, according to the lawsuit, 'swayed by his assurance that he would cease any sexual advances.'"

From there, things escalated between Brown and Taylor. 

"Then, the lawsuit says, on May 20, 2018, Brown forced her onto a bed, pushed her face into the mattress and 'forcibly' raped her," Schpigel wrote. "She tried to resist him, screaming and repeatedly shouting 'no' and 'stop,' the lawsuit says, but Brown refused and penetrated her."

A statement has been released by Brown's attorney regarding the allegations:

There are alleged emails that Brown sent to the accuser, which contain vulgar and harsh language. Because of that, PatriotMaven will not share that content. 

More info regarding the lawsuit will be share as it is released. 

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