Report: Bill Belichick Would 'Prefer' to Have Tom Brady as Patriots' QB in 2020

One insider on Wednesday said that at the right price Bill Belichick would prefer to have Tom Brady as the Patriots' quarterback in 2020.
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One of the underlying reasons behind the alleged feud between New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick back in 2017 was that Belichick wanted to trade Tom Brady, while Kraft wanted to do everything he could to retain the long-tenured face of the franchise. In the end, ownership obviously won, which is why Belichick had no choice but to trade then-backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for a second-round pick right at the trade deadline. 

While Belichick's attitude given the circumstance back then showed a coach that wanted to move on from his aging QB, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. 

While on WEEI's radio show "Dale & Keefe" NBC Sports Boston's Tom E. Curran was asked if Belichick wants Brady, who is slated to be a free agent this offseason, back. Here is what Curran said:

"At a price, yeah. From all I've gathered, he would prefer to have Tom playing QB in 2020...if it comes to a crossroads, [Belichick] can easily get his mind around saying goodbye [to Brady] as well..."

It makes sense that Belichick feels that way. While back in 2017 he definitely had a young, talented QB that had proven to be a capable starter in the NFL, that's not the case in 2020. Backup quarterback Jarrett Stidham, a 4th round pick last year, hasn't played a meaningful snap yet in the NFL. Therefore, it would be a shot in the dark if New England let Brady walk in free agency and gave the starting position to Stidham. That's why Belichick obviously would prefer to have Brady - because there isn't a better option right now. At least not one that's affordable. 

However, as Curran mentioned, Belichick would have no problem moving on from the 42 year old QB if that's what transpired. But that's what the Patriots HC should be thinking, as he wouldn't have much of a choice other than moving on in the event that Brady enters his 21st season in the league with another team.