Report: Tom Brady is Displaying a Level of Leadership He Hasn't Shown 'in a Very Long Time'

Devon Clements

A video that surfaced during last week's 28-22 loss to the Houston Texans showed New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady yelling at his offensive teammates in a frustrated manner. The video brought to light not only the level of concern Brady has for the team's offensive production, but also how he goes about motivating his teammates when the going gets tough. But apparently, and not surprisingly, that wasn't the only time Brady has tried to lead and motivate his teammates this season. 

According to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, the 2019 season has displayed a level of leadership not seen from Tom Brady "in a long time."

"From what I understand (Brady) has probably sat out practice time, just to rest, recharge, make sure he is fully healthy, then he has in recent memory, and that has had a significant impact on this offense," Rapoport on NFL Game Day Sunday morning. "In fact, that is one reason potentially why the receivers and why Tom Brady have struggled to get on the same page.

"Meanwhile, inside the building I am told Brady is spending an incredible amount of time with these young receivers. I am told by one source it is the most leadership Tom Brady has shown in a very long time."

As a quarterback who certainly isn't getting or feeling younger, Brady is trying to do what he can to get his teammates on the same page with him without incorporating a heavy amount of physical reps in the process. This likely comes on the sideline of practice, in the film room, and in every day procedures within the walls of Gillette Stadium. 

Week 14 will determine how effective Brady has been with this strategy. The Patriots face a top AFC contender in the Chiefs, who have a good chance of defeating New England if the reigning Super Bowl champions struggle yet again on offense. If the Patriots' wideouts continue to be out of rhythm and not on the same page with their 42-year-old QB, we will not only see an angry Brady, but a second loss in as many weeks for New England.