A Contract Extension Isn't On Cam Newton's Radar Right Now

Sam Minton

So far one of the best players for the New England Patriots has been quarterback Cam Newton. He's doing so well Patriots fans are starting to wonder if Newton could stay in New England for the foreseeable future.

Newton has proven that he is still a great quarterback. He has shown his complete array of skills in the first two games of the season.

Through two games, Newton has thrown for 552 yards, a touchdown, and only one interception. He also has done well running the ball. So far he has 26 rushing attempts for 122 yards and four touchdowns. That's good enough to make him the Patriots leading rusher.

What the stats don't show is just how impressive Newton's arm has been. He has shown off his arm strength completing some impressive passes.

If Newton continues to play at such a high level, the Patriots should consider signing him to a long term deal. When asked about the idea of a possible contract extension on The Greg Hill Show, Newton gave the stereotypical Patriots answer and held his cards close to his chest.

"I understand what you're trying to do and I understand what you're trying to say, but that is literally the last of my worries," Newton said. 

It can be easy to try and read too much into quotes, but this just shows how Newton has adjusted to life in New England. Newton is focused on football and the regular season.

Still, the idea of having Newton for multiple seasons should intrigue Patriots fans. He could help usher the team into a new generation after the departure of Tom Brady.

While Newton has been good, his medical history raises some eyebrows. He will be 32 years old next season. If the Patriots were to sign Newton to an extension it would signify that they were going for one last ride. The old core that features Julian Edelman, Dont'a Hightower, and Devin McCourty would have a final opportunity to win a Super Bowl.

During this time, New England could utilize the draft to find their QB of the future. It appears that Jarrett Stidham is not that guy. He is dealing with an injury, but he is third on the depth chart behind Brian Hoyer. If Stidham was capable of being a starter he would be Newton's backup.

As much as Patriots fans would love to hear that Newton wants to stay in New England, they should be pleased that he is focused on working hard and leading New England to a successful season.

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