Cam Newton Continues to Receive Praise From Patriots Coaches

Cam Newton hasn't been with the New England Patriots for a long time, but he is earning all sorts of praise from the Patriots coaching staff.

Ever since the New England Patriots signed Cam Newton, the question was how would Newton and Bill Belichick work with one another. It appears the answer is just fine.

Belichick is known for his stone-cold personality. He has the same exact facial expression no matter if he is winning by 50 points or losing by 50 points. Newton on the other hand has a personality that lights up the room. You will constantly see him smiling on the field and loves to show some emotion.

Since the beginning of training camp, Newton has been doing all the right things. As the regular season inches closer, he appears to be making strides and establishing himself as the starting man in New England.

Belichick spoke with Rich Eisen on The Rich Eisen Show, and it seems as though Newton has done all the right things.

"He's an extremely hard-working player; first guy in, last guy out," Belichick said. "He's studied hard and has spent a lot of extra time learning the offense, and our communication, our calls, nomenclature and so forth. I've been very impressed with that. He's a very skilled athlete."

With the news of Jarrett Stidham's injury, it appears as though Newton is extending his hold on the starting QB job. 

It seems as though Newton is heavily invested in the season. Following him on social media, you can seem him riding the bike early in the morning. As Belichick said, he's one of the first guys in the building.

Newton does have a lot to prove. After missing a significant amount of time due to injuries these past two seasons, Newton has to prove that he is still a talented quarterback.

So far in camp, Newton is looking healthy. He hasn't had any setbacks and he has shown off his arm strength early on. The question is can he do that for an entire season? Especially one that will look a lot different in 2020 due to COVID-19. 

Belichick isn't the only one giving Newton some praise. Newly appointed quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch had plenty to sat about Newton on WEEI's The Greg Hill Show this week.

“Delighted to say that what you see is real, it’s genuine. It’s who he is," Fisch said. "The charisma he has is every day. He’s extremely consistent as a person. Whether it be the boisterous personality, whether it be the way he leads, whether it be really everything he brings, the workout routine, his work ethic, it’s the same every day. “I don’t know if surprised is the right word, as much as really excited that is the case. Because that is what you can work with. When you know what you’re getting every day, you can really make all the necessary adjustments, tweaks and whatever needs to be done to try and help him.”

After losing Tom Brady, Newton appears to be the leader the team needs. Numerous players have mentioned the energy that he brings to each practice. Newton is working hard both on and off the field to show that he should be New England's starting quarterback. 

So far Newton has shown that he was worth the investment. Now, Patriots Nation needs to see what he can do on the field in the regular season.