David Andrews says there were 'growing pains' when he first started playing with Tom Brady

Devon Clements

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - If you ask any New England Patriots player, they will tell you how much Tom Brady demands from his peers. That is especially the case for his center, David Andrews, who snaps him the football on every offensive play and protects him in the pocket. 

Andrews, who is now touted as one of the better centers in the NFL, and someone who has been a four-year starter in New England, struggled early on within the Patriots offense, more specifically, with Brady's demands. 

New England's center says that the little imperfections are what caused a bumpy start to his relationship with Brady. 

"There were definitely a lot of growing pains at first," Andrews told NFL Network's "Good Morning Football" crew on Wednesday. "I played center for a long time and thought I snapped the ball pretty good, and found out very quickly that I was not that good at it." 

"(Brady) likes those certain things certain ways. I can remember my first start against the Pittsburgh Steelers it was a little misty, little drizzly, Sunday or Thursday night game, and I'm just worried about trying to block these guys and he's coming up to me like 'Hey, let's not roll the ball on the ground, it's a little wet and I don't want the ball to get too wet,' and I'm just like, man, I've got so much more to worry about than that right now."

Nevertheless, Andrews insisted that though Brady is a stickler, he's a great person to be around. 

"He's a great teammate to work with. He's going to push you and he wants to see what you're going to give back."

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Pay attention to the smallest details and the large details will take care of themselves.

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Mike Constantino

A good play starts with a good snap!

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Alex Valles

Price of winning