Highlights From ‘Capital One’s The Match: Champions For Charity’

Devon Clements

On Sunday, Capital One sponsored "The Match: Champions For Charity", a golf event that raised $20 million for COVID-19 relief efforts. The event took place at Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida, and was a friendly competition between four of the greatest professional athletes to every play in their respective sports.

Tiger Woods and former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning faced off against Phil Mickelson and former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in an 18-hole match, with the duo of Woods/Manning winning by one stroke. 

Here are some of the highlights and lowlights from the rainy Sunday afternoon golf competition:

TNT broadcaster and former NBA player Charles Barkley noted before the foursome tee'd off in the afternoon that he saw Brady working out in the parking lot at the crack of dawn, which is why he wouldn't bet against the Brady/Mickelson duo winning the match later in the day.

While at the driving range, Brady and Manning decided to exchange some verbal blows. Brady started off by noting he was impressed by how well Manning was hitting the ball in the rain considering he was a "dome quarterback" for most of his career. 

Manning then said he contemplated bringing his brother, Eli, or Nick Foles to caddy for him in order to get into Brady's head during the match. 

On the first tee, actor Samuel L. Jackson introduced each of the golfers before they tee'd off. Brady couldn't get enough of his introduction. 

To try and motivate Brady to play better, Barkley told Brady that he would donate $50,000 if Brady could put it on the green on the first par 3 of the day. But that wager still didn't put Brady on the green, let alone out of the woods. 

Unsurprisingly, Tiger Woods was the best golfer on the course Sunday afternoon. And he brought some trash talk along with it.

An F-bomb did come out of Brady's mouth on the front-nine during one of the many times in which he missed the fairway. 

Professional golfer Brooks Koepka said on Twitter that he would donate $100,000 through his charity fund if Brady made a par on the front-nine. Koepka had to pay up after Brady popped one in the hole from downtown on the seventh hole. 

Unfortunately, the six-time Super Bowl champion had a wardrobe malfunction when he leaned over to grab his ball out of the hole.

On Hole 8, Manning missed his eagle putt, which prompted Brady to let him know that Eli would have sunk that putt. 

On the back-nine, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said he would donate 100,000 meals for each golfer that put their tee shot within 12 feet of the pin on the 16th hole. Three of the four golfers did it, so Wilson will donate 300,000 meals.

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Great work for charity by these famous athletes!!!