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How Nelson Agholor Already Fits Into Patriots’ Culture

New wide receiver seems schooled in the Patriots Way

Nelson Agholor hasn’t been a Patriots wide receiver a week, but he already knows how folks in Foxboro hold things close to the vest.

Unfortunately for him, quarterback Cam Newton isn’t one for keeping secrets.

Agholor, who signed a two-year, $22 million contract with the Pats last week, held his first video conference with the New England media Wednesday. He was asked if he’d spoken to Newton yet.

“I have,” he said.

He was asked if he and Newton planned to work out together this offseason.

“We will,” he replied.

But then he was confronted with a photo from Newton’s Instagram that showed him in Patriots gear sitting on the field with Newton. The cat was out of the bag.

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“Well there you have it,” Agholor said.

He continued: “Just working hard. Every day that we get a chance to be together, we’re going to work hard and try to maximize those times.”

It was evident throughout Agholor’s comments that the chance to play with Newton and for offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels lured the former Philadelphia and Las Vegas receiver to Foxboro.

“Cam Newton is a great quarterback. I think he’s a league MVP for a reason and I know he can do whatever needs to be done. And for me it’s just about getting out there and practicing with him and I’m just excited,” Agholor said. “I’m excited to work with him, I’m excited to grow. I know he’s going to push me. And I also feel like coach McDaniels is going to put us in position.”

Newton and Agholor might want to practice deep balls as much as possible. That’s what seemed to work for the receiver last season, when he set a career high with 18.7 yards per reception.

“Just working hard on it. I think we practiced a lot of deep shots, myself and Derek Carr,” Agholor recalled. “And what we did in practice was on display on game day. And that’s something I look forward to carrying forward to this year too.”

Matt Kalman is editor of SI Patriots Maven. Follow him on Twitter @MattKalman.