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Van Noy Talks Payback, Being Back with Belichick, Jersey Number, and More

New England Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy 'excited to be back with my brothers'

Everybody associated with the New England Patriots is hoping for a bounce-back year in 2021, and that includes linebacker Kyle Van Noy.

But the veteran from Brigham Young University has additional motivation, which came in the form of being released by the Miami Dolphins one year after he signed a four-year deal with the team as an unrestricted free agent.

So when the topic of payback for the Patriots was brought up during his Zoom media session Wednesday, Van Noy took it in different directions.

“I think that would be nice," Van Noy. "I'm not too worried about that because we all have different chips on our shoulder. I have a lot of goals individually and as a team. And I think, it's 0-0 and everybody can say whatever they want. But I think honestly everybody's going to be ready to go. I think it starts from the head man and I think he knows what he wants and he knows how to get the pieces he wants and puts it together.

"As players, we’ve just got to come together as quickly as possible and have one goal in mind, and I think everybody's got that right now. I can just tell you from speaking to some of the players how hungry and excited they are and I’m really excited. I got a big chip on my shoulder too.”

That Van Noy would return to New England after Miami released him probably wasn't a great shock considering the success he had during his first stint with the Patriots and his experience.

It was a great fit for both sides, especially given that it was in New England that Van Noy's career took off after a slow start in Detroit as a second-round pick.

"I think it means a lot," Van Noy said. "I think when you have one of the greatest, if not the greatest coach in the game, defensive mind, pick you, I think it speaks volumes of who he thinks I am as a player, which is awesome to have someone have confidence in you and your game. And to be back in play with the fans and somewhere where I've started, my legacy there and be able to continue it hopefully and do what I can on the field and off the field, I can't ask for much more. We're really excited.”

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The return of Van Noy, combined with the signing of free agent Matt Judon and the return of Dont'a Hightower after he opted out last year, has the chance to make the New England linebacker corps a force again.

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Being back where he spent three-plus seasons was just a great fit for Van Noy, as was a scheme with which he's very familiar.

“I feel like I can play in any system and be a very high-level player," he said. "I'm confident in my skills. I've shown it ever since I was put on the field and that just happened to start with the Patriots. Bill does a good job of putting players in places to play their game. I feel like I did that last year with the amount of opportunities that I had and the circumstances that I had and I’m just going to continue to do it.

"And this year I'm going to do it with a group that I have trust in and that I feel like they won't skip a beat and then we get to learn the new faces and I get to learn new faces. I'm the new guy now, so it's going to be a good mix to get to know everybody and get to work.”

The final question on Van Noy's Zoom call involved his old number 53, which was worn last year by rookie second-round pick Josh Uche.

While numbers haven't been distributed for 2021 yet, Van Noy did seem to suggest he'll be back to his old number.

"There's something in the works."