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Patriots Are Co-Favorites to Land RB Leonard Fournette

With Leonard Fournette getting released by the Jacksonville Jaguars, the New England Patriots have emerged as co-favorites to sign the running back.
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The New England Patriots have made some interesting moves this offseason. And according to Vegas, they might not be done. 

BetOnline currently has the Patriots as co-favorites to sign Leonard Fournette. 

Here are the complete list of odds for who will land the veteran running back:

Chicago Bears:  11/4

New England Patriots:  11/4

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  7/2

Washington Football Team: 4/1

Houston Texans:  8/1

Atlanta Falcons:  10/1

Seattle Seahawks:  10/1

Pittsburgh Steelers:  12/1

Miami Dolphins:  14/1

Kansas City Chiefs:  16/1

Los Angeles Chargers:  16/1

Los Angeles Rams:  16/1

In two of his first three seasons in the NFL, Fournette - a former fourth overall draft pick - rushed for over 1,000 yards. In his rookie year he also racked up nine touchdowns. He was one of the mainstays of Jacksonville's offense, which made an AFC championship appearance against the Patriots in 2018. 

Fournette is the definition of a power back. He will run defenders right into the ground. Still, it's surprising to see just how fast he is on the ground. 

Having a running back like that would get Patriots fans excited. Adding Fournette to New England's roster would be quite interesting. The Patriots seem rather stacked at running back and would be forced to make some tough decisions if Fournette were added into the mix. If New England signs Fournette the team might be forced to move on from a player such as Rex Burkhead or J.J. Taylor. 

Also, one would have to worry about how close the Patriots are to the regular season. Would Fournette be able acclimate to New England's system quickly enough? It might be better to just ride with the running backs who have been with them all offseason. However, adding Fournette could create a dynamic backfield for the six-time Super Bowl champions. 

It makes sense that the Patriots would be one of the favorites to land Fournette, which should be noted. As you remember, New England was constantly linked to Cam Newton, and look what happened there. 

The saying goes where there's smoke there's fire. Right now there seems to be plenty of smoke around New England in regards to Leonard Fournette.