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Tables Turned: Patriots Super Bowl Hero Pokes Fun at Bill Belichick

Julian Edelman's impersonation of the stoic coach is spot on.

Julian Edelman may not know where all the bodies are buried, but the iconic New England Patriots receiver apparently knows where the juicy Bill Belichick stories are hidden.

And now that he's retired and making the media rounds, the three-time Super Bowl champion and MVP of LIII is shedding light on some of his darkest - funniest - moments in New England.

Bill Belichick
Patriots WR Julian Edelman
Julian Edelman

Edelman, whose No. 11 will be worn this season by new receiver DeVante Parker, this week stopped by ShowTime's popular "All The Smoke" podcast hosted by former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. The 5-10 receiver with one of the biggest hearts in the history of Boston sports sat down and talked business ventures, New England sports culture, fatherhood, playing quarterback in college, Randy Moss, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Deflategate, the 28-3 Super Bowl comeback and, yes, his former head coach.

Turns out that though the Edelman - who turns 36 today! - has lost a step, he hasn't lost his stone-cold Belichick impression. Jackson wanted Edelman to impersonate Belichick, and he obliged with a hilarious tale of what it was like to be in the coach's crosshairs.

Said Edelman:

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“He used to just demoralize you. He had ‘BillTube.' After practice, he would throw it on the next day in the morning, a bunch of sh*tty fundamental plays that we would do in practice. And like, if you dropped a ball on the flat or something, he would sit there and he would rewind it. This was in front of the whole team. He would sit and rewind it three or four times right where the drop is.

“He would look at the crowd of the team, because there’s a pavilion, and he’d be like, ‘You mean to tell me you can’t make a wide route catch in the National f*cking Football League?! We got kids in Foxborough high school that can make this play.’ And then he would rewind it four more times. He would chime in again and say 'Me and f*cking Ernie could make this play.' And then he’d rewind it, and then he’d go back and say, 'You a**holes.' That’s how he is.”

Patriots - Edelman Belichick
Bill Belichick

It was Edelman, remember, who in 2019 told the hilarious story of unsuspectingly getting into a hot tub with a naked Belichick.

Though Belichick wouldn't likely approve, we see a network TV gig in Edelman's future.