Patriots-Seahawks Game Status Worth Monitoring Due to Washington Wildfires

Devon Clements

This month more than 807,000 acres have been burned in Washington to do wildfires, which leaves the air quality in the state as some of the worst in the world. 

The poor air quality has caused the Seattle Mariners to postpone their two-game series this week against the San Francisco Giants, with the games being re-scheduled later in the week and will be played in the Bay Area. 

While the New England Patriots' game against the Seahawks in Seattle isn't until next Sunday night, the wildfires taking place in the state could potentially cause the game to be postponed. The Boston Globe's Ben Volin spoke to an NFL spokesperson, who told him they have not made a final decision on Sunday's game and are continuing to monitor the situation. 

According to Berkeley Earth, spending last Friday outside in the Puget Sound Region - which includes Seattle - would have been equivalent to smoking almost nine cigarettes. That's concerning, especially for athletes who may be participating in a physical activity in poor air quality. 

The expectation is that the air quality will improve over the next several days. But if it doesn't, there's a very real chance New England's game against Seattle will not happen this weekend. 

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Sam Minton
Sam Minton

I wouldn’t be stunned if the game was moved

Sarah Jacobs
Sarah Jacobs

Is there a reason why they wouldn't move the game to Foxboro?