Richard Seymour is climbing leaderboard at World Series of Poker

Devon Clements

Richard Seymour was known for his great play on the football field with the New England Patriots. But he is turning heads in another sport nowadays. 

Seymour is currently participating in the World Series of Poker, and of the 8,569 entrants, the former defensive end is in 35th place. That puts him in the top 0.4% of the tournament. 

Seymour is guaranteed $35,000 for reaching Day 5 of the tournament. He currently holds a chip stack of 2,750,000, per ESPN's Tim Fiorvanti. Seymour isn't far from the top-10; Andrew Brokos (3.518 million) is in 10th, Lars Bonding (4.04 million) is in 2nd, and Dean Monroe (4.98 million) is the leader.