Jarrett Stidham Says He's Not Worried About Tom Brady's Future

Devon Clements

One of the factors that will play a part in negotiations this offseason between Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will be the team's faith in quarterback Jarrett Stidham, whom the they drafted in the fourth round of last year's draft. 

Though Stidham was originally viewed as a project for the team, Stidham came on during the preseason, raising eyebrows and proving that he may very well have what it takes to be productive in the NFL. Throughout the season he proved to his teammates and the coaching staff that he has the ability to learn quickly while making some amazing throws in the process during practice. 

Because of this, Brady may have a hard time convincing the Patriots to break the bank this offseason for him based on what we've heard from the coaches and players in New England regarding Stidham. Though no one within the organization has said Stidham can be a starter right now, thrusting him into a starting role in 2020 is a very likely option in the event that the Patriots don't want to give into Brady's demands.

But despite the 2020 offseason having a potentially big impact on Stidham's career as a Patriot, the Auburn product is only focused on one thing right now: getting better.

"Right now, I can't really think too much about (Brady's situation this offseason). I have to worry about what I need to do to prepare to enhance my game, to learn as much as I possibly can," Stidham said from the Panini Rookie Closeout in California via ESPN's Mike Reiss. "That's the biggest thing I've focused on, making a big stride from Year 1 to Year 2."

At this point, the only thing that will benefit Stidham is for him to continue putting in the work to improve, which, according to him, is exactly what he is doing. He has done what he can to shine bright behind one of the most iconic figures in NFL history, so that should play a part in the direction the Patriots choose to go in this offseason at the quarterback position. 

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Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

Great attitude.


I think Stidham is the right guy to take over for legendary Tom Brady. Kraft and Belichick need to suffer for wasting the last year of Brady's time with the weak corps of receivers he had to work with. Belichick's trades also hurt Brady. A nice 5-11 season will bring down the value of the franchise some 200 million, and Kraft then won't have the cash to waste on hookers in Florida. Also, Brady may get to play with a real running back, which, somehow, other quarterbacks in the NFL have, but Brady has rarely had. Go Stidham, go.