Tom Brady Enjoys 7th Super Bowl Parade

The former New England quarterback made the most of the boat parade celebrating his 7th Super Bowl ring.

There's something very humanizing about watching the most accomplished American athlete in history get flat-out plastered. While Super Bowl LV MVP Tom Brady easily handled the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday night, the same could not be said about his experience with the "refreshments" during the parade. 

Even the 2015 Denver Broncos pass rush didn't hobble him to this extent. It seems that for one day only, the TB12 method took a back seat -- although, Brady quickly (and jokingly) reaffirmed his commitment to staying, uh, hydrated.

Staying true to his competitive nature, Brady may have also emerged as a real contender for a prestigious category: biggest power move in NFL history. Up until now, that crown was held solely by tight end Rob Gronkowski for playing baseball with (and subsequently denting) the Super Bowl 53 trophy. Brady decided to go one step further and launch the trophy from his boat to Cameron Brate's.

While the throw may not have been a perfect spiral, Brady's accuracy is still clearly impeccable.

February of 2021 is shaping up to be an experience full of ambivalence for New England Patriots fans. Today was a stark reminder of the contrast that exists between the franchise's past and present. While Feb. 10 was a warm, beautiful, and historic day in Tampa Bay, it was yet another subzero cog in the machine of monotony for Patriots fans. 

Yet, the month of February also advents the great equalizer: the offseason. It remains to be seen how New England makes the most of its time.