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Here's Why Tom Brady Chose to Sign With Buccaneers

The idea of staying on the East Coast was very appealing to the 42 year old.

There's one question that has resonated among the reports that have surfaced since Tom Brady announced his retirement Tuesday morning: "Why would Brady choose the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?"

While money and weapons were very much a factor in Brady's reported decision to sign with Tampa Bay when free agency begins on Wednesday at 4pm ET, those aren't the only reasons the six-time Super Bowl champion decided to sign with the NFC South team. Brady's decision also came down to family, vacationing, and Bruce Arians. 

NFL Media's Jim Trotter explained Brady's reasoning behind his decision to sign with the Buccaneers, while also telling what kind of contract Brady demanded:

If Brady's demanded contract was accepted by the Buccaneers, then the veteran QB is in for a big payday this offseason. Deciding to set up shop in Florida for the next two years because of family purposes also explains why the Chargers and Raiders were out of the running for him. 

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Arians has coached Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck, and Carson Palmer during their careers, and helped them all play at a very level during his time with them. That seemingly is an area of intrigue from Brady, who wants his next head coach to put Brady in the best position to succeed. With Arians as his head coach, and with weapons like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate to throw to, Brady may have the opportunity to turn back the clock and look like the Tom Brady of old in Tampa Bay.